being human

Freedom from Mind’s Patterns

Without understanding the way mind works, we are the victims of stale mental patterns. Creativity is stifled, and contentment cannot take root. This morning, we will begin to examine the programs that keep our patterns in place. Short, simple practices for body, senses, and mind can help to free us from mind’s regime.  This workshop is sponsored by our generous venue, Dharma College.

How to become a distributed company: a step-by-step guide

I lead a company called TEN7 and up until the spring of 2017, we were all in on the idea that a company needed a physical space to function. In fact, I was so sold on the idea that my wife and I purchased commercial real estate in Downtown Minneapolis in 2011 just so that we were committed to making a physical space work for the company. Fast forward to 2019 and the office space is no more, TEN7 is a fully distributed company, and it's been two years since we decided to take the jump.

Productivity Lifestyle Strategies to Make the Most of Your Day

Do you ever reach the end of your day and wonder what you actually accomplished? Even worse - do you have weeks where you feel like you didn’t get anything done at all? This session outlines multiple strategies on how to overcome bad habits in order to get things done! Drawing from personal experiences, we'll discuss how to life hack your way into nurturing a productive lifestyle to help you roll with the punches, how to bounce back from failure, and feel good about the work we do.

Present Like a Pro: Level Up Your Presentation and Moderation Skills

If you've noodled around with the idea of giving a presentation on a topic, but 1) get nervous thinking about talking in front of people, 2) feel like you couldn't possibly have enough know-how to give a presentation, and/or 3) are intimidated by the thought of putting together a slide deck, then this session is for you. The good news is that YOU have something important to contribute, and you don’t have to be an expert.

Better Project Management Through Board Games

The skills that are required to be a successful Project Manager encompass a great many things, and the expertise you acquire can be applied universally across every industry and most job roles. They're so broadly applicable that you can develop the skillset needed even outside of the workplace in everyday life... Like by playing Board Games! In this session, we'll identify some of the core competencies for a Project Management, and suggest Board Games that leverage these concepts which you can play to level up your Project Management Skills!

Advanced Accessibility for Media

Accessibility is a hot topic, and it isn’t losing traction. Have you attended sessions that touched base on the basics of web accessibility? Have you explored the basic concepts of web accessibility on your own? Are you feeling ready for the next level? This session is that next step. With a basic understanding of web accessibility principles, we can take a deeper dive into a core area of website development: media. 

The Ethics of Privacy and Technology

As developers, we are capable of many amazing feats. We can create experiences that touch the lives of millions, brings aid to the corners of the world, empowers new businesses and bring a voice to the voiceless. But just because we can, should we? Additionally, with this capability, we must also take on the responsibility for the people, and data, we interact with. This isn't something we should take lightly. We are building the sites, the systems and the communities that future generations will inherit.

CommYOUnity - Fostering Healthy Contribution

A healthy “you” is the best contribution one can make.  For us to thrive as a community, we have to take care of ourselves. Explore self-care within our community, mindfully, in this session. Fostering a healthy environment of contribution includes providing self-care support and guidance for the members in the community. The Drupal software project and its supporting ecosystem is supported by individuals donating their time and skills. Donating. For free.