The Ethics of Privacy and Technology

As developers, we are capable of many amazing feats. We can create experiences that touch the lives of millions, brings aid to the corners of the world, empowers new businesses and bring a voice to the voiceless. But just because we can, should we? Additionally, with this capability, we must also take on the responsibility for the people, and data, we interact with. This isn't something we should take lightly. We are building the sites, the systems and the communities that future generations will inherit.

During this session, we’ll look at the ethics of privacy, secure web design and architecture, and the impact our decisions have on the community and our users. Using real world examples of where ethics and technology intersect, we'll walk through what it means to create and how to do so in a way that is inclusive, secure, and with the implications thought out. Mixed in will be how to manage sensitive data from clients and users, compliance with various regulations and laws around privacy, and how to foster a culture of privacy in your organization. I'll share my experiences from almost a decade in Drupal and some of the mistakes and successes I've had along the way, and some of the questions it has led me to ask. We'll also go over recent efforts to team with groups both inside and outside of Drupal to help create a standard for privacy on the open web.
This should be a lively discussion on how we should set our community goals of privacy as Drupal continues to empower more and more of our digital world. It is up to us to decide as a community how we will work together to make the world a better and safer place for people no matter where they come from.