The Grown-Ups Are Not Coming

A promotion to management. A Drupal project royally derailed. Bringing home your first child or a medical diagnosis or getting laid off.  There are specific times in our lives when we get the strong instinct to look over our shoulders and ask, “who is coming to HANDLE this?!” 

Surprise! The answer is you.

No matter our career path, part of maturing into leadership and more senior positions is growing the ability to navigate turmoil responsibly. While it sure would be nice for someone to come save us, we live in the real world. Time (and life!) reveal that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. 

In this session, we will talk about concrete examples of these moments at work. Jen will reinforce strategies to get attendees through difficult career moments via self awareness and resourcefulness. We will take a pledge together and leave the room more empowered employees than when we first arrived.

Presentation Video