Summits are one-day events focused around specific topics and areas of practice that gather people in specific industries or with specific skills to dive deep into the issues that matter and collaborate freely. 

Backdrop CMS Mini-Camp

Backdrop CMS is Drupal 7 but modern, faster, more usable, and packed with new features. If you’ve invested heavily in Drupal 7, upgrading to Backdrop is likely your most affordable next step forward. Backdrop CMS is built for non-profits, educational institutions, businesses, and organizations who need comprehensive websites on a budget. The Backdrop CMS mini-camp is a full day of community-submitted sessions on building new websites with Backdrop, or upgrading from Drupal to Backdrop.

Nonprofit Technology Summit

All new in 2019!
The BADCamp Nonprofit Summit has been renamed and revamped.

The new and improved, Nonprofit Technology Summit will focus on all things technology for nonprofits.
Whether you are a nonprofit using little more than a website or are tech-enabled with all the bells and whistles, join us to work out the kinks, learn and grow with other nonprofits in the community.

DevOps Summit

Want to accelerate development at your organization? The DevOps Summit is about inspiring people (aka YOU) with new processes and tools to help transform ideas into working web applications. We’ll be discussing topics like performance tuning, application scaling, automated testing, continuous integration, local development, ChatOps, and more. Along the way you’ll have a chance to pick the brains of leading DevOps professionals in the Drupal community. Anyone who is looking to work with happier development teams while saving time and money should attend.

Front-End Summit

Front-end development has evolved more rapidly than any other web discipline over the past several years. We flex and grow to absorb an ever-changing variety of workflows, toolsets, best practices, and technologies.

We've got a full day of informal presentations and breakout sessions planned to cover a wide variety of front-end technologies and challenges — including Drupal 8 theming, component and pattern-based development, and using JavaScript frameworks with decoupled Drupal.

We’ll help you up your game around performance, accessibility, testing, and tools. We will share our pains and insights around the design process and cross-team collaboration, as well as, whatever topics are most relevant to you.

Higher Ed Summit

The Higher-Ed Summit is a one-day event for anyone using Drupal at a college or university who is looking to connect with other Higher-Ed Drupal users with through presentations, peer networking, and collaborative round table discussions.  

This year we will be using a solution room approach for part of the day. This was very successful at DrupalCon Higher Education summit 2019 . The Solution Room is designed to provide peer-supported advice on individuals’ most pressing problems.

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