front end development

The easiest way to build a complete Headless Application with RamifyCLI

The API-first approach of Drupal 8 gives you the flexibility, extensibility, and scalability that you need as a developer. But sometimes, when you go with Drupal for your headless implementations, you can wind up with a situation where you have to compromise on some of the quintessential features like server-side rendering (SSR), SEO, caching, path aliasing, etc. that come out-of-the-box in Drupal 8. And to enable such features, extra developmental efforts and intensive project management are required.

Advanced Accessibility for Media

Accessibility is a hot topic, and it isn’t losing traction. Have you attended sessions that touched base on the basics of web accessibility? Have you explored the basic concepts of web accessibility on your own? Are you feeling ready for the next level? This session is that next step. With a basic understanding of web accessibility principles, we can take a deeper dive into a core area of website development: media. 

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Design & Development Collaboration

This talk explores common myths between design and development, and I’m here to bust them! Is this you? - A designer wondering what happens to your beloved mockups after handed off to the development team - A developer having nightmares about the intricacies of design and functionalities seeming way off base of budget and scope - A project manager watching from the sidelines wondering how this process can be improved

What’s New in JavaScript (ES 2019)

JavaScript is now 23 years old, and has had a resurgence of new features over the past few years. These are features that developers have come to expect from a modern programming language. Let’s take a look at the new JavaScript, and see why it has grown well beyond just being on the web… In this session, we will cover: True Classes Promises Await and Async Template Literals

Your Code is Terrible!

New Developers have forgotten the importance of semantic HTML code and how they can create better user experiences and make websites more accessible utilizing it. In this presentation, we will explain the importance of semantic code, how to use it, and why it's so important to understand as developers. We’ll explore adding tools to our toolbox that help us create semantic code in Drupal and methods to test code for accessibility compliance.

Best Practices for Securing Your Site

With new threats constantly emerging, how can website owners protect themselves and their business? In this session, we will cover this crucial topic for SEOs and share several demos of these threats, plus how they can be prevented. Find out what Google is seeing in hacking trends, Google’s view on what HTTPS does (and doesn’t do), and how to best address a hacked site. Attendees will learn how to protect against SQL injection attacks, sanitize user generated input, and come away with other practical tips that can immediately be implemented to secure their sites.

Javascript for Everyone: Accessibility and Javascript

In the age of decoupled CMSs and single-page applications, users expect dynamic and performant web experiences. As the primary scripting language for the web, Javascript is an indispensable tool in transforming the user experience, but is it accessible for all users? Short answer: Yes but not without a little work. Join Forum One as we share best practices and tools to improve the accessibility of your Javascript. What we’ll cover