The easiest way to build a complete Headless Application with RamifyCLI

The API-first approach of Drupal 8 gives you the flexibility, extensibility, and scalability that you need as a developer. But sometimes, when you go with Drupal for your headless implementations, you can wind up with a situation where you have to compromise on some of the quintessential features like server-side rendering (SSR), SEO, caching, path aliasing, etc. that come out-of-the-box in Drupal 8. And to enable such features, extra developmental efforts and intensive project management are required.

In this session, we will be talking about how to build and manage a headless implementation powered by Drupal and still have its most significant features like server-side rendering intact. We, at OpenSense Labs, have come up with a CLI tool which we call as ‘Ramify’. The key objective of this tool is to offer a starter kit to easily implement a complete decoupled set up in addition to providing a streamlined development, great SEO and user-friendly features.


Highlights of the session:

  • Creating basic to advanced profiles
  • Showing that the tool comes with React UI components
  • Choosing between JSON API backend and GraphQL backend
  • Provision of Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality
  • No knowledge about Drupal required by frontend teams and they can mostly work independently of backend teams
  • Can also be CMS agnostic