Intro to Backdrop CMS

Backdrop CMS is Drupal 7, but it includes many of the features you'll find in Drupal 8. It's been optimized for performance, and improved for usability. Backdrop is targeted towards companies and organizations who are delivering comprehensive websites on a budget. This introductory training will cover the basics of creating and administering a website with Backdrop CMS.

Training Itinerary:

In this half-day workshop all students will build their own portfolio website on Backdrop CMS. We'll walk through each of the steps required to build this website on Backdrop core. Students will be asked to follow along.

Topics covered:

  • Logging in  - the new dashboard
  • Creating content - differences between a page and a post
  • Creating content types - adjusting settings, and adding fields
  • Content display - customizing how field data will be rendered
  • Views - very basic high level overview
  • Layouts - modifying existing layouts & creating new layouts
  • Configuration management - exporting & importing
  • Modules - how to install without leaving your site

There will be plenty of time throughout the day for questions and answers.

About the trainers:

Jennifer Lampton

Jennifer Lea Lampton has been building websites since 1997, and participating in open-source communities since 2006. She maintains many Drupal modules in addition to the work she does on Backdrop CMS. Jen served as the Director of Drupal training at Chapter Three, where she created material for courses similar to this one, teaching people how to use Drupal.

Nate Lampton

Nate Lampton is a leader in Open Source, with over a decade of contributions to the Drupal project and a founder of Backdrop CMS, a low-cost alternative to Drupal. Nate has a wide skill set, ranging from front-end development to server-side performance optimization. Nate has brought his skills to many of the largest companies and websites in the world, including Sony Music, NBC, Turner Media, Harvard University, the Grammys, Tesla Motors, and many others. 


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