Drupal 8 DevOps Streamlined and Simplified

An unopinionated walkthrough of the full Drupal 8 Dev Ops stack and recommendations to get started automating tests, deployments, and upgrades. Development hosting environments Local development tools, such as Git, Composer, Drush, and the Drupal Console GitFlow and collaborative coding Continuous integration and deployment Automated upgrades With a special appearance from the upcoming Acquia Development Studio to streamline the process and lower the barrier for entry to Drupal 8 development.

Build Launch Tool (BLT): What is it? And how does it help?

Build and Launch Tool (BLT) provides an automation layer for testing, building, and launching Drupal 8 applications. It is designed to improve efficiency and collaboration across Drupal projects by providing a common set of tools and standardized structure. It was born out of the need to reduce re-work, project set up time, and developer onboarding time. What you'll get out of this presentation:

Behavior Driven Development in Drupal 8 with Behat

Adding test coverage to your website and applications provides lots of benefits. For example, making sure requirements are met and preventing regressions from happening. One of the many approaches for testing is Behavior Driven Development (BDD). This can be accomplished in Drupal 8 using a series of tools: Selenium, Behat, Mink, and Drupal Extension.

QA At Scale: Improving DevOps pipelines for Pega

This summer, Last Call Media completed an engagement with Pega Systems ( to overhaul the Pega team's development workflow and quality assurance process.   In the process, we implemented: On demand QA environments for every PR, implemented with Kubenetes and AWS Cloud Automated Visual Regression tests using BackstopJS Automated testing using PHPUnit  

Shine a Light on Me

Have you ever wondered how your website performs in terms of Performance, SEO, Accessibility, and Best Practices?  Come learn about the features of the Lighthouse auditing tool and the different ways that it can be integrated into your workflow. Things you’ll learn in the session: Why it’s good to run these checks against your site A background on performance audits

Return of the Clustering: Kubernetes for Drupal

This session introduces Kubernetes (k8s), an open source container orchestrator that provides a production-tested cluster to run your Drupal site. This session will walk you through how to build your own k8s cluster, how to update your containers to run securely with Secrets and ConfigMaps, and how to automate deployment to run your containers from "Initial Commit" to 1.0.

CI made dead simple with Drupal 8, GitLab and

So you learned the importance of tests. You also learned that they are made pretty simple with Drupal’s PHPUnit framework. You may have even invested some time to set up behavioral tests using Behat Drupal Extension. Now it’s time to bundle all the testing together in a nice automated pipeline.

Make the Robots Do It! Practical Continuous Integration and Automated Testing

DevOps, CI, Build, Test, Deploy! There are a lot of different components flying around this buzzword-compliant practice. It’s hard to know where to start. (Spoiler: always start with low-hanging fruit!) But the promises are very attractive: Fewer bugs, faster deployment, greater confidence in your changes. Learn practical tools and workflows from those of us already in the trenches. We will cover: Identifying the areas where automation will make the biggest difference