San Francisco Digital Services

San Francisco Digital Services works with other City departments to improve public services. We use technology to make it easier for people to get things done.

We're working on critical issues like affordable housingsmall businesseslegal aid for immigrants, and more. Our team is also rebuilding the city’s website from the ground up. This means taking a service-led approach so that anyone using the site can get what they need.

Our work goes beyond websites. We’re re-thinking how public services are designed, by understanding what our users need and building with an agile approach.

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Senior Drupal Engineer

We have a new San Francisco city website at, and we’re hiring a senior Drupal developer to make it even better. You’ll collaborate with other developers to create a platform for a transformed online presence for San Francisco’s government. You’ll work with content designers to help city departments transition to the new platform, and with UX designers to create compelling designs. Along with your colleagues you’ll iterate on your work based on research and testing with the public. Together you will create a transformed web presence for San Francisco city government and help to make it an increasingly invaluable resource for San Franciscans.