Senior Drupal Engineer

Apply by September 2, 2019
Salary range: $103,246 to $129,896

About the team

The San Francisco Digital Services Team is transforming how residents interact with the City, implementing our Digital Services Strategy through building services designed around the people that use them. Led by the Chief Digital Services Officer, the team is comprised of product managers, designers, developers, and content strategists. As a member of this team, you would be part of a new and growing movement, with an opportunity to shape the City’s approach to technology. is the city’s new website, and we’re working to transform the way San Franciscans interact with and find information from the city. We’re taking a service-oriented approach to making city government more pleasurable to interact with, more accessible and easier to navigate. 

About the role

As part of this team, you’ll collaborate with other developers to create a platform for a transformed online presence for San Francisco’s government. You’ll work with content designers to help city departments transition to the new platform, and with UX designers to create compelling designs. Along with your colleagues you’ll iterate on your work based on research and testing with the public. Together you will create a transformed web presence for San Francisco city government and help to make it an increasingly invaluable resource for San Franciscans. 

Desired skills and characteristics

  • 3+ years of experience in web content management and/or web application development
  • A track record of delivering Drupal-based solutions (preferably in Drupal 8)
  • Drupal, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, HTML
  • Experience working with and maintaining a wide range of Drupal modules and themes
  • Broad experience with Linux and web servers and comfort working in a terminal window
  • An understanding of how to troubleshoot common development issues
  • Understanding of common git-based development workflows and code management
  • Experience with the following technologies is a plus: Pantheon (+Terminus), CircleCI, Lando, Drush
  • Curiosity about new standards, technologies and techniques
  • Ability to collaborate with partners and maintain relationships
  • Ability to understand iterative requirements and quickly identify changes to scope and project risks


  • Serve as technical leader on teams with external partners, designers, project managers and other developers
  • Help plan and ensure the successful implementation of high-quality Drupal site architectures
  • Develop, test and deploy Drupal websites 
  • Keep Drupal installation and modules patched and up-to-date
  • Plan and execute transition from end-of-life to newer Drupal versions
  • Provide quality code reviews on pull requests
  • Serve as an escalation point for difficult and complicated issues
  • Share your knowledge and experience with our team and our partners