Translating Drupal into English… with Props!

When Lily first started working near Drupal (account and project management in a Drupal agency), she came from working near French (marketing and fundraising for a French cultural center). She immediately approached Drupal as a new language, and used this perspective to learn and then to teach. She saw how clients and non-technical colleagues can easily be left out of the conversation by pervasive jargon… fields, views, and modules, oh my! Most of the time, the team does not realize they are doing this, nor how to quickly and easily bring everyone into the discussion. 

Independent of your role, if you talk to clients or people new to working in Drupal, you will benefit from this session. You will leave the room empowered to both recognize and efficiently translate any specialized terminology into language that can be understood by any audience.

In this session, you will learn how:

  • Valuable it is to build mutual understanding early and often
  • A hosting provider is just like a desk, a release is just like a cup, and analogies aren’t just for university entrance exams
  • To build useful analogies to efficiently help people understand jargon
Session Slides
Presentation Video