Component-based Design with Pattern Lab

Each iteration of Drupal introduces new and exciting ways to manage content. However, the display of content is even more important along with the knowledge of how to convert a design to a theme. While we have all read about, watched and even worked with Twig to create new themes in Drupal 8, the way we work with Twig has changed.

Join us as we discuss how traditional theme-centric design has quickly moved into component-based design. Together we will master Component-based theming with Pattern Lab as we work to identify patterns and define components, how to quickly create a Pattern Lab managed Drupal 8 theme and Learn how to work smarter in developing components that can easily be integrated into project after project without having to recreate yourself.

If you consider yourself a front-end developer then you will be right at home learning all the newest techniques to take your skills to the next level as we master Component-based design with Pattern Lab.

Presentation Video