Adding a Documentation Content type will change the way you use Drupal

Just as the design process should seek to create something perfect and useful for the users and the client, so should the documentation. Documentation can be the first set of deliverables within an agency process to become outdated, stale, or redundant—mainly because they are dismissed as unimportant or left to a lackluster team to plod through begrudgingly. This doesn't need to be the case if we throw out what we think documentation means and seek to find more meaningful ways to integrate the process of documentation.

Documents can be exciting, inspiring, and creative forms of expression. Documents can be "living" data, intended to be evolving road maps that can empower a client team long after the vendor has left and the project deliverables have been handed over. Documents are often the foundations that survive the longest and inform the next iteration of thinking. Documentation, when done successfully, can keep forward momentum in place and keep the team focused.

What I propose is adding a 'Documentation Content Type' to your workflow! Using Content Access Rules, you can make it available to only your authenticated users. That way you can have user 'how to' documentation and technical notes from releases and component builds right there in your Database. 

Presentation Video