Advanced Component-based Theming with Pattern Lab

Join us as we take an advanced look into component-based design. Together we will master Component-based theming with Pattern Lab as we work to identify complex patterns, define encapsulated components, utilize command-line tools such as Composer, NPM and Gulp to quickly create a PatternLab managed theme. Learn how to work smarter in developing components that can easily be integrated into your next project without having to recreate yourself.

If you consider yourself a front-end developer and have worked with Pattern Lab and Drupal, but want to dive even deeper, then you will be right at home learning the newest techniques to take your skills to the next level as we master Component-based theming with Pattern Lab.

Learning Objectives:
You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • Best practices for Pattern Lab - Drupal 8 theming
  • How Twig integrates into the front-end development process
  • How to define, develop and theme advanced components
  • Steps for integrating PatternLab into Drupal
  • How to work with assets, including JavaScript libraries
  • Various techniques for working with Drupal

About the trainer:

Over Chaz’s impressive professional career, he has gained diverse experience as a Web Developer, Technical Architect, Author, Consultant, Trainer, Instructor, and Drupalist. His passion truly lies in sharing his expertise and contributing to the Drupal community.

Chaz’s feats include developing Drupal training videos for and authoring two books on Drupal 8 for Packt publishing and Open Source Engineering for the Smithsonian. Not to mention contributing to numerous articles and presentations at NYCCamp, BadCamp, DrupalGovCon, PHPWorld, and DrupalCon.


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