Death Star Security: A Live Look at How A Site is Hacked

Let’s look at your Death Star (or website) from the rebel (or hacker) perspective and how they find the exhaust ports which can ruin everything you’ve built.

This will be a hands-on look at web security from the hackers perspective, showing you how these various attacks occur. To help illustrate the point I'll be recruiting you, the audience, into the rebellion to have you help live-hack a site during the session. From this you'll see just how easy it is to write insecure code and also how to utilize the tools Drupal has to write secure code. This should be a fun session for developers and site builders of all skill levels.

From this session, you should gain practical tips to secure your site, your users, and their data. Armed with this you can hopefully keep those pesky rebels from foiling your attempt at intergalactic domination.