Build Drupal site using visual programming

You a Drupal site builder who either doesn't know PHP or doesn't like PHP coding. But you want to configure your site to execute certain actions based on some events and triggers. Example use cases are:

  • Set up marketing automation rules for sending personalized emails to users depending on the actions they take.
  • Redirect users to different dashboard / page depending on the roles they have.
  • Validate values of a form submission without using any code.

This session will teach you how to do exactly this using the If Then Else ( visual programming module. It lets you automate execution of actions on your site by connecting code blocks using a drag-n-drop editor and not touching PHP code.

Drupal visual programming using If Then Else module
Program your site without using any code!

For those of you who are familiar with Rules module, here are the major differences:

  1. Modern graphical UI using rete.js library ( Flows are much easier to set up and inspect.
  2. Support for "Else" statement is in-built instead of relying on a separate module.
  3. Support for form alteration, validation and submission is in-built without relying on a separate module.
  4. Much easier to track inputs to conditions and actions for an admin who is not familiar with Drupal's tokens.

The session will include a demo of how you can use the module to set up different flows on your site. If the audience desires, we'll also go into the underlying PHP code and how you can contribute to enhance the module even further.

You'll benefit from this presentation if:

  1. You are a site-builder who wants to automate actions on your Drupal site without touching PHP.
  2. You are a module developer and are interested in contributing back to Drupal by working on enhancing the If Then Else module.
  3. You are a UI/UX designer / themer and have suggestions on how the UI/UX can be improved.
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