45 Minutes to Actionable Strategies that will Improve Customer Experience

Ever feel like you're jumping from one problem to the next putting out fires but never get the bandwidth to implement longer term solutions?  This 45-minute session focuses on the importance of establishing baseline assessments and measuring progress through regular formal audits of your content, architecture, workflow and infrastructure to seize opportunities that will strengthen visitor journeys and increase conversions. This session is geared to both new and experienced web professionals struggling to find ways to get beyond their daily grind and make lasting improvements in systems and decision making that benefit site managers and end users alike. 

Among the topics this session will cover are:

  • Principles of website auditing and getting stakeholders to buy in.
  • How to start cataloging content to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • How to begin improving usability and create a system to ensure continuous accessibility compliance.
  • What to expect from a security audit and how it can improve customer experience. 
  • The most important elements of site performance that effect customer experience.
Presentation Video