3 Years Decoupled Website Building and Hosting - Our Learnings

Decoupled Drupal is clearly here to stay, so what does this mean from a business point of view? As we consider all the implications of this change — a new programming language, new license, and the technical considerations of how we visualize and build websites — it’s important to identify how and when adaptations need to be made to our businesses to support all these changes.

Amazee has been working on decoupled Drupal projects for over three years. In this session we will share lessons learned as a business so far and what we envision in the future. Attendees will walk away with insights into how decoupled projects can affect:

  • Hiring, staffing, and team sizes

  • Contracts and client relationships

  • Budgets and profits

  • Project management, processes, and maintenance

  • New possibilities in decoupled projects

Although change can be hard, we believe the future of decoupled Drupal is bright. Let us show you why.

Presentation Video