Speaker Diversity Workshop

This workshop helps speakers from underrepresented groups prepare to speak at conferences.  This will in turn help local meetups, Drupal Camps, and even DrupalCons develop a more diverse speaker roster. The workshop helps folks bust through their impostor syndrome and develop a topic, title, pitch, bio, and outline.

The workshop covers:

  • Impostor syndrome
  • Finding a topic
  • Better speaker tips
  • Writing a great pitch
  • Creating an outline
  • Creating great slides
  • Public speaking confidence

This workshop is a great fit for you if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about speaking at events or wanted to present but found yourself thinking:

  • “What would I talk about?”
  • “I’m not an expert in anything.”

About the trainers:

Tara King is Pantheon's Developer Outreach Manager, where she supports Pantheon's amazing community of Drupal and WordPress developers. She is also the leader of Drupal Diversity & Inclusion. She loves poetry and board games.

As Kanopi’s community ambassador, AmyJune keeps the team connected to the open-source community. In addition to her work building community connections, AmyJune is an avid geocacher and noted Volkswagen enthusiast.