Become a Developer Experience Superhero: Building Processes That Unlock Your Team's Potential

Time is wasted and quality suffers when there is no agreed-upon process for onboarding new developers into a project, running project tests (you wrote tests right?), and deploying the project to your staging infrastructure. Time = money, Quality = money. Your team needs predictable and easy to use systems and processes that free up brainpower and creativity to deliver amazing web work. It's not all that complicated to developer those systems, and in this training, we'll cover some ways to get these basics dialed in for your team so you can get to the amazing work of building the internet.

About the Trainer:

Dustin LeBlanc is a Senior Software Engineer at Tandem where he builds Drupal, Laravel, and VueJS apps for a wide variety of clients. He formally worked at Pantheon, supporting clients like Apigee, World Vision, and, and got his start in the web industry at Singlebrook Technologies, building sites for clients like Cornell University, University of New England, and the Social Venture Network.