Staying Passionate When the Days Continue to be Long

Passion. It’s what drives us and excites us. It’s the thing that makes us strive to be better, and work harder day after day. It’s the energy that makes a project exciting and energizes the team to deliver something never seen before. It connects people, and makes them more than just co-workers, but more like family. What happens though when that passion begins to dwindle? The days become longer, the project gets hard and burnout begins to set in. How do we push to deliver what we set out to do? How we do keep focused? How do we keep that passion?

In this talk, we will talk through the different ways to identify burnout — for yourself, your team, and your project.  We are going to help understand what causes burnout, how to prevent it, and what you can do to pull yourself out of it if you are already experiencing it. Our goal is for you and your team to stay passionate about the work you do, but also protect yourselves from losing that passion permanently.

Talking Points:

  • Things that get you excited
  • Things that cause burn out
  • How to keep your passion