Rapid Styling with Tailwind and PostCSS

In this session you'll learn about Tailwind, a customizable CSS framework that can be used to rapidly build and style responsive web applications. Unlike component-based frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize, Tailwind focuses on providing utility classes that can be used as building blocks to implement an existing design (or even create a new design directly in HTML markup). These building blocks can then be packaged into reusable components if desired.

Tailwind is part of a larger ecosystem of plugins for PostCSS, which is a powerful CSS processor that can be used as a replacement for task runners, such as Gulp and Grunt, and CSS compilers, such as Sass and Less. You'll learn how to configure PostCSS with some of the most popular plugins, including ones that provide replacement functionality for Sass, and how to compile CSS using the PostCSS command line tool.

This session will provide an overview of how Tailwind and PostCSS, combined with modern web techniques like fluid type, modular scale, and custom properties, can speed up web development and styling.