QA At Scale: Improving DevOps pipelines for Pega

This summer, Last Call Media completed an engagement with Pega Systems ( to overhaul the Pega team's development workflow and quality assurance process.


In the process, we implemented:

  • On demand QA environments for every PR, implemented with Kubenetes and AWS Cloud

  • Automated Visual Regression tests using BackstopJS

  • Automated testing using PHPUnit


As a result of this work, the Pega development team will have increased visibility into the effect their changes have on the overall project, and greater confidence that they are not introducing unseen issues.


This session will be in case study format, where we’ll talk about:

  • What the initial needs were and how we decided on the workflow that was implemented.

  • How we implemented the on-demand QA environments using AWS EKS and infrastructure-as-code.

  • How we implemented the testing processes.


Attendees can expect to come away with an understanding of how devops process decisions can be made and prioritized, as well as some new ideas for specific techniques you can use with your own teams.