Present Like a Pro: Level Up Your Presentation and Moderation Skills

If you've noodled around with the idea of giving a presentation on a topic, but 1) get nervous thinking about talking in front of people, 2) feel like you couldn't possibly have enough know-how to give a presentation, and/or 3) are intimidated by the thought of putting together a slide deck, then this session is for you. The good news is that YOU have something important to contribute, and you don’t have to be an expert. You have a lot of great experience to share, and if you're passionate about what you want to talk about, let's help you face your fears and get over the hump so that you can share your story! In this session, we'll discuss ways to boost your confidence, learn what not to do when using slides in your presentations, go over proven techniques to calm your nerves and keep you on track, and review the do's and don'ts of moderating public, group discussions. By the end of this talk, you'll be ready to volunteer to give a presentation or lead a discussion at your workplace or community event.