Integrations Roundup: How to plug existing products and services into your site

Integrating with a third party product or service can be one of the fastest (and cheapest) ways of bringing advanced functionality to your site. Companies like Salsa Labs, Salesforce, and Stripe have put lots of work into services that can help you bring a great campaign, donation, or sales platform to market quickly, and without having to build out that functionality yourself.

In this session we'll go over various integrations available, how well they work with Drupal, and where you can get the most bang for your buck with them. We'll also go over some pitfalls to avoid when integrating with a third party service. For example, many integrations will come with API limits or charge on a per-use basis and an unexpected traffic spike can end up costing you thousands of dollars. This isn't a very technical session and, for the most part, is a high level overview which will help you ask the right questions about which integrations to use for your site and which ones you should either avoid or develop in-house.

Presentation Video