Embracing the modern web using Drupal as a Headless CMS with Gatsby

Drupal 8 supports a "Headless" mode out-of-the-box. A headless CMS allows content creators to manage their content through a familiar admin interface and providing the content via API endpoints, allowing developers to implement a fully customized front-end experience using reusable components and a modern framework as React.

A core feature of Gatsby is its ability to load data from anywhere (Drupal JSON:API endpoint in our example). This is what makes Gatsby more powerful than any other static site generators that are limited to only loading content from Markdown files.

Gatsby is taking the world by storm and the JAMStack is here to stay. Come to this session to learn how to embrace the modern web using Drupal as a headless CMS with Gatsby.

During this session you will learn:

- Which modules you need on your Drupal site to behave as a headless CMS and provide better integration with Gatsby.
- How to install Gatsby.
- Which Gatsby plugins are required for better integration with a Drupal data source.
- How to properly configure Gatsby plugins to take advantage of Markdown preprocessing.
- How to configure Drupal and Gatsby to provide an instant preview on content changes.
- How to use the GraphQL endpoint provided by Gatsby to query data from Drupal JSON:API.
- How to create pages (home, taxonomy, full node) on Gatsby.
- How to trigger automatic builds based on content updates.
- How to deploy your site to a CDN.

Presentation Video