Decoupled Drupal on DDEV with GatsbyJS

As microservices and decoupled architectures continue to mature it becomes increasingly important to be able to work efficiently between local and live environments across the entire stack. What does it take to build a decoupled interface against a Drupal backend and how can we share the work with others?

Decoupled Drupal does not remove the challenges of running a local development system or deploying your work. In this session, we'll explore an example workflow that includes local development of a decoupled Drupal Umami site with a Gatsby front end. We'll use DDEV as the building blocks to manage our Drupal services from team-based local development through a modern JS application deployment.

When the session begins you should have a basic understanding of decoupled concepts and a strong desire to build. You'll leave with a solid idea of how you might simplify handling decoupled projects from development to deployment and how you can try it at home.

Presentation Video