DDEV-Local tips and tricks

DDEV-Local is a great developer tool: You can spin up a project on any operating system with basically no background or experience, and have a TYPO3 site running in just a few minutes. But it can do loads more than just run a basic Drupal project. Mostly, we'll just share how DDEV is working, and will love to hear from you about your experiences. We'll show a variety of advanced tricks like:

  • Running with either Nginx or Apache, and with many different PHP versions (Each of your local projects can have a different configuration, with no changes on your computer.)

  • Customizing the Docker container that your webserver runs in, by adding additional PHP packages or making major changes.

  • Improving project performance with NFS and docker tweaks

  • Adding nginx and php configuration snippets

  • Running PHPUnit tests

  • Extending DDEV-Local with your own commands

  • Drupal folk have contributed immensely to this open source project- we’ll share some of the contributions and how you can add your own.

  • And More! We’ll have a Q&A to cover anything you need to know.