Creating Content with YAML Content

Configuration versus content has been a long-standing battle within the development process for Drupal. Managing content across environments or within the build process for a project is often a complex task that gets circumvented. What if there was a tool that let you create and maintain your content within the codebase for your site? What if this content could then be deployed and installed into another environment? That is exactly what the YAML Content module allows you to do.

Using the YAML Content module, content may be created and deployed to any environment alongside any updates needed for it. This enables:

  • Creation of example content for new features during development
  • Management of demo content without any PHP code to create it
  • Preparation of known content to test against
  • Deployment and versioning of content that should remain static

If any of these features sound interesting then come join this session for an overview and demonstration of how you or your team can leverage this module throughout your development and management process.

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Level of Knowledge

Attendees should be comfortable with:

  • Site-building to create content types
  • Using Drush or Drupal Console to run commands on a project

Topics to be Covered

  • What is YAML Content?
  • Why would I need the YAML Content module?
  • How does the YAML Content module fit into my workflow?
  • Using YAML Content with automated testing
  • The basics of creating content with YAML Content
  • How to extend and customize YAML Content for your project
  • Where is YAML Content going in the future and how you can help

Attendees Will Leave With...

  • A healthy understanding of what YAML Content can do for you out of the box
  • Ideas for how to improve your site building workflow using YAML Content
  • Knowledge of where to find resources to help with writing YAML Content
  • A better understanding of the Drupal Core Entity API and field structures

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