Beyond babysitting and cat herding : How servant leadership makes for a better project manager

In a recent annual review, my boss acknowledged that the team appreciated my servant leadership on projects. Even though I had heard of this style of leadership, at first I was taken aback and almost offended by the term. I might’ve had a chip on my shoulder from battling stereotypes of females in the workplace and constantly proving myself as more than a notetaker and meeting scheduler. The last thing I wanted to be labeled as was a servant! 

Needless to say, it struck a chord with me and I looked into the concept of servant leadership to see how it might apply to project management. Come learn how to go beyond babysitting and cat herding to build trusting relationships, increase team engagement, and get more joy out of  leading and managing projects. 

Topics this session will cover: 

  • What is “servant leadership?”

  • What your team gains from servant leadership on projects 

  • What the client gains from servant leadership on projects

  • What you gain from taking a servant leadership approach to project management 

  • Ways to start practicing servant leadership on your projects today