Bash is magic # No it's not

When leveling up as a developer, one of the most intimidating aspects often is using the command line interface, or CLI.  In fact, it might seem downright terrifying.  The reality is: If you can type, you can use the command line. 

Every senior level developer will remember a time when they got overwhelmed by opening the terminal. Those same people will tell you this is one of the most important capabilities they acquired.  

Bash can unlock the true potential of any machine. Besides  gaining more control of your device, Bash lets you leverage hundreds of power tools like WP-CLI, Drush, npm, composer, and Behat, to name a few.  

Leave this session understanding: 

* How to stop being afraid of the command line
* A brief history of Bash and how it does what it does
* The basic commands for manipulating your files and folders
* An overview of tools that are only available through the command line
* The basics of scripting to automating anything