Advancing Developer Communities with Kubernetes and Drupal

Kubernetes is a powerful tool that drastically changes the deployment and hosting options for our web projects. Kubernetes is also the most active open source project on GitHub and introduces an entirely new way of thinking about systems and hosting. In this session, I will share some of the challenges faced by organizations trying to move from traditional systems development as they approach a cloud-native mindset. I will outline why the movement to Kubernetes is essential and why you might want to participate.

We will take a look at concepts in Kubernetes like Custom Resources and Controllers and introduce the Operator pattern to you. These concepts are the key to collaborating as a community to solve problems related to Drupal hosting effectively. We will conclude with an overview of how a Kubernetes/Drupal Special Interest Group could work to make Kubernetes and Drupal play well together to everyone’s benefit. If we solve common challenges together, we can do a lot of good for a lot of people very quickly.