Putting the "C" Back in CSS: Modern Techniques for Today’s Website


There's been a lot of discussion abut CSS-in-JS and all the benefits it gives. It might have its place in Javascript applications, but what if you want to reuse your CSS across multiple websites? I'll talk about how CSS and preprocessors are still relevant, why you'd still want to use them on your project, and a technique to write clean and minimal styles.

In this talk, I'll go over:

  • What makes the "cascade" in Cascading Style Sheets so useful
  • Why preprocessors such as Sass still have a place in the front-end development world
  • A basic introduction to BEM and how to use it in your design system or website
  • Why CSS-in-JS isn't the answer for every scenario

You will come away from this session knowing why CSS and preprocessors are still relevant today and how you can implement more modern CSS practices to your design system or website.

This session assumes a basic knowledge of CSS and basic understanding of modern front-end development practices.